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'Pu' In Sa'i
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A Maui, Hawai'i-based company specializing in surf photography on the Island of Maui and other Hawai'ian Islands.

Through our parent company, Ki'i Nani Photography, we also photograph weddings, family portraits, model portfolios, special events, and real estate.

...Come inside for a look at a stunning collection of Maui land & seascape images.

"Whether it's just you alone or with your braddahs, we'll capture your session from the a'ina or from the water."
Granger Larsen ~ Hole-in-da-Head ~ circa '06
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Please visit our Gallery page at Zenfolio.com to view sessions from Honolua Bay,    
Hole-in-the-Head, Windmills, Lahaina Harbor, and various other Maui surf spots.            You might just see images of yourself!