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    Fro's BIO

Having lived on the Island of Maui since 1991, my family & I moved to the Hawaiian Islands after living on
the tiny Island of Montserrat, in the West Indies for thirteen years. 

Surf photography has been a passion of mine since I bought my first water camera in 1977 during my sophomore year of high school.  Though a dinosaur by today's digital wizardry, I captured some memorable images of my friends & brother [Gary] with that thing.  ...That Nikonos III had no built-in exposure meter nor even a focus ring--you had to estimate the distance; getting a good image was all a matter of educated
guess-work, trial & error, and sheer good fortune.  ...I think that thing still sits in a musty box somewhere
in the attic.

I bought my first land-camera on the Island of St. Thomas in 1983, a Nikon F3.  A state-of-the-art camera with which I shot countless images of Gary while surfing in Montserrat and other Caribbean islands.

Fast-forward to present-day:  I earn my living photographing mostly weddings and family portraits but surf photography has always remained a passion. 
Though I'll continue to shoot weddings, portraits, and model portfolios, this is sort of going full-circle for me;  back to where I started...

I hope you like some of images on this site.  Please feel free to call, email, or just flag me down on the road
to schedule a shoot for your next session...whether it's just you alone or with your braddahs!

See ya in the water!

Carrll 'Froza' Robilotta
Island of Maui

Ph. 808 276 2700

...or just holler: 'Hey, Fro!'
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